RSV is a placeholder value used for masking the actual value until the player is actually zoned in.

The packet sent from the server upon entering the instance is as follows:

// sent for each rsv string
struct RsvPkt {
  UInt32 value_size;    // len(without_nul_char(value))
  char key_str[32];     // null terminated
  char value_str[1024]; // null terminated


void OnRsvPktreceived(RsvPkt pkt) {
  // e.g.) "_rsv_29752_-1_1_C0_0Action"
  var key = ReadCString(pkt.key_str);
  // e.g.) "Alternative End"
  var val = ReadCString(pkt.value_str);

  rsvMap[key] = val;

string GetActionName(int row) {
  var val = table[row, col];

  if (rsvMap.Contains(val)) {
    var key = val;
    return rsvMap[key];
  } else {
    return val;

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