Character data folder

*[Last updated FFXIV 6.58]

This folder, called FFXIV_CHRxxxx where xxxx is a unique ID for the character, contains all of the client side data related to one or another of the characters played.

Following is a list of the data files found in this folder.

Note: most of the information in here is taken from this reddit post without doublechekcing for now.

TODO: figure out the format for each file.

  • ACQ.DAT: The list of recent /tell contacts. Binary format

  • ADDON.DAT: This stores your UI settings such as HUD layouts and window sizes. Binary format

  • COMMON.DAT: This stores your Character Settings. Plain text format.

  • CONTROL0.DAT: This stores Keyboard/Mouse Settings. Plain text format.

  • CONTROL1.DAT: This stores Gamepay Settings. Plain text format.

  • GEARSET.DAT: This contains your Gear sets. Binary format.

  • GS.DAT: Unknown. Binary format.

  • HOTBAR.DAT: This contains the contents of your Hotbars, but not their positions or such. Binary format.

  • ITEMFDR.DAT: Item search index, used when searching for similar items. Binary format.

  • ITEMODR.DAT: This contains Inventory and Retainer item sort positions. Binary format.

  • KEYBIND.DAT: This contains your Keybinds. Binary format.

  • LOGFLTR.DAT: This contains your Chat log filters. Binairy format.

  • MACRO.DAT: This is your Macros. Binary format.

  • UISAVE.DAT: This contains timers such as the retainer venture timer, possibly other stuff. Binary format.

  • "log" folder : The game writes your chat history to disk each time its internal buffer overflows, which potentially allows you to retrieve chat history in longer play sessions.

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